Two men profess their love for 'The Bachelorette' Kaitlyn, another insults her

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NEW YORK -- "The Bachelorette" began this week with Nick Viall walking into the guys' hotel room and it was a very silent room. The other guys started off by saying that he should talk first.

The guys, especially Tanner, had some tough questions for him. They wanted to make sure he wasn't "there to chase his 16th minute of fame." He admitted to them that he did hang out with Andi again a month ago to "bury the hatchet", but he thinks Kaitlyn is "a cool chick". Joshua was like is she just "cool" or is she "an amazing woman" and Nick wanted him to just stop twisting his words around. He said that he didn't want to miss his chance to meet Kaitlyn and see what was there after having a few conversations with her. Ben Z. is a little worried about her connection with Nick being that they did talk through text messages and phone conversations.

There is still a rose ceremony that needs to happen and Nick will be a part of that. So they all met up at Citi Field the home of the New York Mets for their cocktail party. Jonathan told Kaitlyn not to worry about the whole "Nick thing" they are there for her. J.J. used the opportunity to pick Kaitlyn up and run her around the bases. He's pretty strong to run that long carrying someone!

Joshua used his one-on-one time with Kaitlyn to talk about how much he didn't like Nick and that he doesn't get a good feeling from him. Should he really be focusing on someone else? That usually doesn't bode well. Shawn B. is really upset about Nick being there because he said that he was really confident in their relationship and this threw him for a loop. She said, "I've told you from day one how strongly I've felt about our connection." He told her, "I would hope that you were smarter, not smarter, but this guy is full of *expletive* 100%." Yikes. He said that what she is saying and her actions are not matching up. Kaitlyn said that he was going to make her cry and she started to tear up.

Kaitlyn gave roses to: Ben H., Ben Z., Shawn B., Tanner, Joe, Ian, J.J., Joshua, and Nick. That meant that Ryan, Jonathan, and Corey were gone. Kaitlyn then told the guys that they were headed to San Antonio, Texas. Things are about to heat up for sure!

Once they arrived in San Antonio, Shawn B., Tanner, and let's face it, most of the guys were just eyeing Nick. It's not going to be pleasant for him! The first date card arrived at the hotel and it read, "Ben H. let's take our love one step at a time." So, Ben H. was awarded the first one-on-one of this trip! His sex education talk must have peaked her interest!

They loaded up into a fancy remodeled pickup truck and headed out on their date. They went to an old-fashioned Texas dance hall to learn the two-step. They are going to be competing in a two-step competition. I loved how it was like one of those old-fashioned dance competitions where they tap you on the shoulder like on TV shows. Ben H. and Kaitlyn look really cute together!

A real country western band from Texas took the stage and the competition began. Ben H. did the best that he could and even worked in some dips. So the fact that they made it through the first song was pretty good, but there are people out there that have been doing this dance for years and they just learned it that day. So after they got eliminated, they just spent time talking to the other people in the town and strengthening their bond as a couple.

Back at the hotel, the guys were eagerly awaiting another date card. It finally arrived and read, "Justin, Jared, Ian, Chris, Tanner, Joe, J.J., Ben Z Joshua, and Nick I love a man in uniform." That meant that Shawn B. would get the one-on-one. He grinned from ear to ear!

Meantime, Kaitlyn worked on trying to get to know Ben H. better during dinner. He had a hard time talking to Kaitlyn about his past relationships. He revealed that his last long-term relationship he was engaged and it was long distance. It ended because his ex says that he "lost the chase". He's just 26, but he says he's ready to love again. That was exactly what Kaitlyn wanted to hear and with that, she gave him the date rose and they began kissing! They are on the fast track to falling in love!

On the group date, the guys learned they would be serenading Kaitlyn with their own Mariachi songs that they would have to write and perform in front of a crowd in San Antonio. A 12-year-old boy did an amazing job showing how it was done and then he and his band went around and helped the guys out so they wouldn't completely crash and burn out there. They guys dressed up in full costume and went out into the street to perform their songs for Kaitlyn. Justin actually sounded amazing! Joe was cute and charming while Ian completely choked! He did much better at his Broadway audition! He was so hard on himself! Joshua was awful, and then Nick came out. He took Kaitlyn up on the balcony and just owned his terribleness. He did use his time to take a little dig at the guys and say some inappropriate things, but Kaitlyn seemed to love it!

Later they went to an old western-style ranch to have some drinks after their group date. Joshua decided he would sit down blindfolded and let Kaitlyn cut his hair! She even took out the buzzers and went to town on his head! Oh my goodness...the buzzers went south and Kaitlyn was doing a pretty terrible job anyway and he ended up with half a Mohawk. It was so terrible! Meantime, Nick took her aside and they did some immediate making out. Then Kaitlyn tried to ask him about the other guys in the house and Nick would only say there are a few guys that aren't "embracing" him like the others, but that was to be expected.

Joshua confronted Nick and said she didn't trust him. Nick tried to explain his past and that he doesn't regret anything with Andi but he's let that whole situation go. But, Josh still just can't seem to let it go! He started talking to Kaitlyn about Nick again! When will these guys learn? They really need to watch past seasons so we don't have to see these same mistakes over and over and over again! He told Kaitlyn that he talks about his past season all the time. He told her that no one likes Nick in the house and Kaitlyn was upset that all the guys in the house are being dishonest about the situation. He said that he was sent out to tell her to "rethink" her decision to have Nick there. He told the guys that he was "having an interview" when in fact he was talking to Kaitlyn and they knew it!

Kaitlyn stormed in and told the whole group that she questions whether they are being honest about how they are feeling with her. Joshua tried to weasel his way out of telling the guys that he told her how they were all feeling. The guys were all tight-lipped and then Jared spoke out and said that Nick didn't affect their relationships and it's not their decision that Nick is there. Joshua tried to call out Ben Z. and he said he didn't know what he was talking about. Then Jared was like, how could you bring all of us into that lie? So although the guys aren't thrilled that Nick is there, they obviously don't care as much about it as Joshua does. And right in front of all of the other guys Kaitlyn picked up the date rose and gave it to Nick. What a slap in the face for Joshua!

The next day, Kaitlyn had her one-on-one date with Shawn B. They started off by kayaking. Shawn looks amazing in a kayak! She said that she loves his smell and then admitted that it was creepy she said that, ha-ha! It was so amazing and beautiful that they got to kayak through the city. Shirtless Shawn, I don't know how Kaitlyn is going to be able to pass this up! He told Kaitlyn that Josh was coming from a good place at that the other guys were probably scared to speak up but he is there for her.

That evening, they sat by an open fire and he told her that he never expected to have such a strong connection with her so quickly. He told her that five or six years ago he had a really bad car accident where he flipped six times and he was in the hospital for a few months. He said that he's really happy he survived because if he hadn't he'd be missing out on all of this. Then, O-M-G he dropped the L-BOMB. Shawn told Kaitlyn, "I'm falling in love with you." Kaitlyn said that she felt like her husband was telling her that he loves her for the first time. She told him that she was falling for him too! After that, he got the rose, of course. They went for a nighttime canoe ride and fireworks went off! She says she can't wait to give him more roses and maybe even her final rose!

Back at the hotel, Ian said that he's never had a problem getting girls to like him but he feels like she doesn't realize he's a catch and he thinks he might need to leave. He said he doesn't find her interesting and he's sick of feeling rejected. He's so overdramatic and too full of himself! Maybe it's just a byproduct of him not handing this experience well. I really liked him at first, but this attitude is not attractive!

Kaitlyn started the cocktail party before the next rose ceremony by saying that she wants honesty and that she is looking for a husband. Ian said that she can't handle the truth probably because she's "not half as hot as his ex-girlfriend." How rude! This is going to get ugly fast.

Jared spoke to Kaitlyn about how he still feels the same about her despite the big group date mess and Kaitlyn told him not to worry because she trusts his heart. He told her he would always be honest with her. Then Jared told her that he too was falling in love with her and Kaitlyn replied that it made her really "happy". She didn't say it back this time though! Poor Jared, I sense that he's not going to make it until the end despite being there for the right reasons. We'll have to wait and see though.

Ian went on to talk about himself and say that he is "an enigma. I'm a gift that you unwrap for life!" Wow, he's so modest too. He says that she just seems like she wants to make out with people and that's not what he's there for. He started off by saying that he didn't appreciate her poop jokes and surface level stuff. He said that he's a deep person and he expected to meet the girl who had her heart broken by Chris Soules not the girl who wanted to get her "field plowed by Chris Soules". He flat out said that he sees her as a surface level person and he doesn't trust her intentions. I hope that she tells him to get the *bleep* out.

Next week, it looks like she takes things a little too far with one or more of the guys and Shawn B. gets upset about something and yells at her, "Don't you know what we have?!" Wow! I can't wait to watch and I hope you'll be watching too!