Nick Viall returns to compete for Kaitlyn's heart on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Monday, June 8, 2015

NEW YORK -- Clint got called out right off the bat this week on "The Bachelorette". He's one of the biggest jerks in "Bachelorette" history, although Kaitlyn called him a more unflattering term.

She pulls him aside and calls him out. He tries to play it all off as the other guys being jealous. She even seems to be a bit jealous of his time with JJ! Or maybe she's just suspicious. Clint kept lying to her face and saying that he's been "100%" honest with her and that "scares" him. Kaitlyn began to second guess herself but then told him that she didn't trust him and she's done with him.

She takes him back inside to say goodbye to everyone and JJ was nervous and telling the other guys how he planned to stick up for Clint and that he would be friends with him for the rest of his life. JJ told Clint that he needs to apologize to everyone for taking time away from everyone. Clint was so upset that JJ said that! JJ then went into a corner and almost cried. JJ told him it was really hard for him, and Clint was so mad! He waited for him in the hallway and they had a lot of words between each other where they called each other "a piece of *expletive*". JJ cried as Clint left! Is the bromance romance over? I think the dude breakup was worse than the Kaitlyn one!

It was time for the rose ceremony but Kaitlyn didn't know what she wanted to do. So she pulled Chris Harrison aside. They walked back into the room and Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn tell the guys that there will not be a rose ceremony that night. The guys are happy but disappointed that JJ is still in the house. Chris Harrison tells the guys to pack their bags; they are leaving the house now for a trip around the world! Their first stop is New York City!

The guys arrived at The Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. They settled into their rooms and then headed to the amazing rooftop for their first date card of the trip. It read Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, and Shawn, let's keep our love fresh." The guys cheered for every guy except for JJ, it was awkward!

The group date guys headed to a club where they met up with hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh. He performed for the guys and unfortunately I think we're going to have to hear a lot of bad rapping this episode from these bachelors. Doug E. Fresh was amazing. He got the guys to try to battle their nerves so they could take on each other in this embarrassing challenge.

That evening, the club filled up and guess who is in the audience...the one and only Nick Viall. Oh yes, he's back! But, first the guys had to have their rap battle. They took the stage in pairs and did their best. It was painful. They just traded insults back and forth. As Kaitlyn put it, "I don't think there's ever been a rap battle with two guys in khaki pants." As Kaitlyn finished up she went to see her friend Ashley I. who was in her season with Chris! Then oh, who's that standing next to her, it was Nick! They were friends over social media and chatting on the phone, but no surprise here, Nick wants to be more than friends.

Kaitlyn asks him if he's going to stay, and he tells her that he thinks that's up to her. He told her he would understand if it's too late and it was nice to meet her anyway. She tells him she needs a little time to think about it. Kaitlyn obviously seems really flattered. She wants to but knows it's rude to the other guys so she is torn. The group date guys meet her at a boat at pier61 for an after party. Shawn notices that something is wrong with her and Kaitlyn told all of the guys how serious she takes this but then reveals that Nick showed up. The other guys are really hurt that she's bringing someone else on at week four. She told them that she only talked to him a handful of times but hadn't met him until that night. Shawn rightfully asks her if she's confident in what's there or not, and she says she is, but the other guys don't believe her. Shawn says if she was confident in their relationship she wouldn't even consider bringing another guy into the mix. Johnathan was really upset too.

As Kaitlyn walked away, Tanner filled in the rest of the guys about Nick. He said that he told the world that he slept with Andi and that he has no respect for a guy like that and he will make their time there more annoying. Kaitlyn walked over to Nick on the pier who tried to tell her that she shouldn't feel too bad about the other guys and she should do what she needs to do and then they started kissing. After the kissing, she still decided to think on it a little more but told Nick that she felt really happy when she saw him.

There was a knock at the hotel back at the door and the date card read, "Jared, let's reimagine the night we first met." Wow, that's a lot of dates for Jared!

Back on the group date, Kaitlyn came back and she had to hand out the date rose. Justin tells her that he understands if she needs to explore her feelings with Nick and he's confident in their connection nonetheless. With that, Kaitlyn gives him the date rose! Tanner thinks the rose means next to nothing now that Nick has shown up.

The guys that were on the group date come back to the house and spill the bad Nick news to the other bachelors. They are all pretty upset about it and can't believe that Kaitlyn would like a guy who calls out a woman on national TV for sleeping with him. Over the phone, Kaitlyn tells Nick that she has feelings for some of the other guys and she asks Nick to meet her in person. Kaitlyn has to be focused on her one-on-one date but she can't stop thinking about Nick.

Kaitlyn goes to Parlor salon to get her hair done by Ashley S, the "onion" one from Chris' season. Ashley was such a great listener and came off way more normal than she did when she was on the show. Meantime Jared is getting ready for his date. He admits that the situation with Nick has him concerned.

Kaitlyn meets up with Nick on the street. She tells him that she would regret letting him go home and he says, "Well good!" He told her that he wouldn't get cold feet and then they did a lot more kissing on the street. There is an undeniable connection there between them.

On their amazing date, Kaitlyn asked Jared about how the guys were feeling back at the house and how he was feeling and he didn't want to talk about it. Jared said it's all about her and it doesn't change how he feels about her. He said he didn't want to really speak for the rest of the guys. He did say he would like their date to be about them and not the other guys or Nick so hopefully he can get things refocused on them.

Back at the hotel, there was a knock at the door and it was another date card. It said, "Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, Ben H. "Let's play." They were all like whatever, let's go on our date and hope Nick isn't there.

Back on their super romantic date, Kaitlyn told Jared that "You don't come across guys like you very often" and she said he's exactly the kind of guy that I would want to be with and every minute gets better with him. Jared wrote her a love poem and he read it to her. It was really sweet and cute. With that, she picked up the date rose and asked him to accept and he said, "Of course I will!"

Chris Harrison gave them a note that said the night didn't have to end and there was a limo waiting outside for them. They got in the limo and went to a helicopter for a nighttime ride over New York City! Jared is falling hard for Kaitlyn and says that he can see himself marrying her. He says that this night is when he fell in love with her. Kaitlyn also added that it was one of the best nights of her life. They got extremely close to the Statue of Liberty, it was pretty amazing.

Kaitlyn tells the guys that she's not putting Nick on a date and it doesn't take anything away from what she has with any of the guys, but Nick will be moving in. That's what she has to do so she can explore it. Joshua says that it's rough and Kaitlyn says she understands that and Nick understands what he's walking in to. She leaves and tells the guys she'll see them later on their group date.

They head to the New Amsterdam Theater where they meet up with the cast of "Aladdin"! How fantastic! They walk in and the leads are singing "A Whole New World". They all have to go through a real Broadway audition! How fun! They have to sing and dance! Whoever wins gets to do a walk-on during the show with Kaitlyn that night. So they start with dance and learn a routine. They all tried so hard! I really think they did better than most people could! I was pretty impressed by their mediocre dancing though!

Then it was time for the singing! Oh goodness, I feel for these guys. It's so hard to sing in front of people, let alone to the girl you are trying to date. Ben H. was pretty good, and then oh my goodness Ian is pretty darn good, or at least until he forgot the words. Chris was really excited to try signing the song and he really tried his best and wasn't half bad either. In the end, Chris got the part due to his connection with Kaitlyn and actually paying attention to her while they were singing.

Back at the hotel, Tanner and JJ talked about how they were going to react to Nick showing up. JJ should love Nick showing up because now he's no longer the most hated guy. It totally took the pressure off of him.

Meantime, Kaitlyn and Chris put on their "Aladdin" costumes. They were both really nervous, but I'm sure they made it fool-proof! Before they went on they kissed and then went out on stage! They both lit up and got to pretend to be people shopping in the market place. They were a couple in love that got sold some flowers in front of Aladdin and Jasmine. Chris said it was worth the wait to spend some time with Kaitlyn. They did a great job although I'm not sure how into Chris Kaitlyn really is. She seemed either overwhelmed by the experience or a little distant.

Nick wheels his suitcase through Times Square and makes his way to the hotel. He says he knows the guys are going to hate him but he really wants to know Kaitlyn, so he has to just deal with it. While that's going on, Kaitlyn and Chris climbed up a tall building to the top of the New Year's Eve ball drop! Pretty cool! She decided to give him the date rose up there and shared a really romantic kiss. Kaitlyn says "That guy has heart, and I think he would make a really great husband." Aww.

Nick walked into the hotel room and said, "What's up guys." That was it! Cut to the preview to next week where the guys don't trust him and call him a liar. But what is he lying about?! Then, a lot of the guys apparently start calling out Kaitlyn and her intentions and it doesn't seem to be a good situation.

As the credits rolled, we got a short update from Britt and Brady. They are together, boyfriend and girlfriend, and their relationship is going strong! She's planning on taking him to meet her family. She really thinks they have a great future!