Animal escape drill at Tobe Zoo in Japan features employee dressed up like white tiger

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Thursday, March 14, 2024
Japanese zoo drill features man doing best escaped tiger impression
The annual escaped tiger traning event at the Tobe Zoo has become quite the spectacle, as it features an employee dressed up like a white tiger emulating a break-out.

TOBE, Japan (WLS) -- An annual training event at a Japanese zoo has become something of a spectacle.

The Tobe Zoo held its annual escaped tiger drill Thursday, which features a staff member dressed up as a white tiger.

In the drill, the employee escapes and then is eventually "tranquilized" and "caught" by zoo staff.

The employee - wearing a white tiger mask with his normal work clothing - prowled around, doing his best impression of a tiger.

In past years' drills, staff members have dressed up as a gorilla, a hippopotamus and a lion. The annual drill has become a popular spectacle for locals and on the internet.