'Hero' toddler calls 911 after mom passes out inside their Cleveland home

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Friday, June 1, 2018
Toddler calls 911 for unconscious mom
A toddler made a life-saving call when her mom became unconscious.

CLEVELAND, Texas -- Authorities are praising a toddler for the life-saving call she made when her mother passed out at home.

Dorothy Craig is only three years old but knew she needed to act quickly on Wednesday when her mother fell unconscious on the floor. She grabbed a cell phone to call 911.

Liberty County Sheriff's deputies found the house by going door-to-door.

When they arrived, they found Dorothy's 2-year-old brother in a sink full of water and their 5-month-old sibling strapped in a car seat on the floor.

Dorothy's mother says she taught her to use the emergency number because she suffers from narcolepsy.

"When she was really little, I taught her how to call 911. And she's done it for me twice now, and she's my little...she's my little hero," Miranda Craig says.

Deputies said if it wasn't for Dorothy's call, it could have turned into a tragic situation.