Indulge at Lucettegrace for Tasty Treats

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Monday, March 29, 2021
Indulge at Lucettegrace for Tasty Treats
Lucettegrace is a starting point to your day, an escape in the middle, and a reward at the end.

Raleigh, NC -- At lucettegrace, you can find a nice lunch, but also any treat to fix your sweet tooth. This pastry shop located in downtown Raleigh has been around for 6 years. It is the favorite for many regulars and there is no shortage in whatever it is you are looking for. Chef and owner, Daniel Benjamin, has taken inspiration from his schooling and travels to open up lucettegrace, which is named after his two daughters. Daniel strives to keep tradition in what a pastry shop should be, but doesnt hesitate to look outside of the box and experiment with new ingredients.

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