Uber's lost and found includes college diploma, hair extensions and gold diamond grill

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Friday, March 16, 2018
Gold grills, diplomas & other weird things left in Ubers
Uber has released its annual list of strange and unique things riders leave behind in its vehicles.

If you were traveling with your college diploma, diamond-encrusted gold grills or a letter from your incarcerated boyfriend, chances are you'd hold onto them pretty tight, right?

Apparently not, according to Uber. The ridesharing service has released its annual list of the 50 most unique or outrageous personal possessions left behind in its cars, and this year's list includes some odd ones.

Top 10 things left in Uber vehicles:

  1. Burger King visor
  2. Divorce papers
  3. Star Wars Encyclopedia
  4. Gold grills with diamonds
  5. Originally signed Jessie James Decker CD
  6. Letter from my boyfriend who is in jail
  7. A 1.3 carat round diamond
  8. 2 packets of Dead Sea mud
  9. Bag with a Kevin Durant Jersey + a Mario doll
  10. Rhinestone mask

Other odd things rounding out the top 50 include tax returns, a marriage certificate, a ukelele, a box of hair extensions, a bulletproof vest, a jetpack, a leaf blower, a college diploma and a bridal veil.

Unsurprisingly, Uber said the most common times for items to be left behind are between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, with additional upticks around happy hour on weekdays.

According to Uber, riders who realize they have left an item behind should contact their driver as soon as possible and provide a detailed description of the lost item. Riders who forget their phone in a car can use Uber's website to report their missing item.