Checks worth millions written by Chicago over 22 years remain uncashed

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

CHICAGO -- Chicago is sitting on an extra $11 million dollars due to uncashed checks over the past 22 years, according to a lawyer.

He said the city is benefiting from the 22,000 uncashed checks, some dating back to the 1980's.

Attorney Clint Krislov made the discovery through a public-records request during a legal dispute between the city and retirees, reported the Chicago Sun-Times. He said Chicago is supposed to notify the state of Illinois if a check from the city is uncashed after three years. The state has a website for people to look for unclaimed property.

The checks include a $44,000 payment in 1991 to Commonwealth Edison. The Sun-Times apparently didn't cash five small checks from the city either.

Law department spokesman Bill McCaffrey said Chicago is not bound by the state's unclaimed property law and has its own procedures for uncashed checks. He didn't elaborate.

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