Check out this week's viral videos!

Who doesn't love a good viral video? Ryan Val and Ji share their favorites this week!

We are just over a month away from the new Star Wars movie hitting theaters, and Star Wars fever is happening regardless of age!

Check out this toddler who can't get the Imperial Death March out of her head.

People are really having fun with Star Wars characters. Photographer Pawel Kadysz gives us a look at the everyday life of Darth Vader.

Seems like Kadysz took a page out of our book. Here's how we imagined Darth Vader as a Chicagoan.

Have you ever wondered if your pets are trying to talk to you? Take a look at the porcupine in this viral video.

And finally, we all remember Pizza Rat! See what happens when pranksters take their own Pizza Rat around NYC.