Mount Greenwood marchers call on Mayor Lightfoot, residents to support Chicago Police Department

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Monday, August 3, 2020
Mount Greenwood marchers call on Mayor Lightfoot, residents to support Chicago Police Department
A rally was held Sunday in Chicago's South Side Mount Greenwood neighborhood asking for support for the police.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There was a show of support for Chicago police Sunday in Mount Greenwood, where many officers live.

Those who joined the Walk To Support CPD say it's been a tough few months for officers.

From protests, to an uptick in summer violence, Chicago's police force has been a flashpoint for demonstrators calling for change. But at Sunday's Mount Greenwood march, the families and allies of the Chicago Police Department rallied for city residents to support those truly honoring the mission of serving and protecting.

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Cynthia and David Quintavalle's 25-year-old son is a Chicago police officer, assigned to patrol the streets of Englewood.

"I watch him every day, leave for work, praying he'll be home in the morning," Cynthia Quintavalle said.

That's the same prayer Donna Marquez would say for her brother, Officer Donald Marquez, every day before he was killed in the line of duty.

"You see these guys are out here and these women out here serving, and you don't know if they're going to go home tonight," Marquez said. "They don't even know it. They pray they will. We pray they will."

These families of Chicago police officers and dozens of others marched the streets of Mount Greenwood to show their support for the department and frustration over the recent treatment they've seen of their loved ones.

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One of the three Chicago police officers wounded in a shooting involving a carjacking suspect at the 25th District police station in the Hanson Park neighborhood.

"There's so much being heaped upon them by these protests, things thrown at them, fireworks, everything, and they sit and they take it because they are the true professionals," David Quintavalle said.

The group marched to Mount Greenwood Park where they held a prayer for all officers.

The demonstration comes just days after three Chicago police officers were shot.

"When we heard those officers were shot, anytime you hear an officer shot or injured, it just brings it all back," Marquez said.

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Officials say the extra manpower is different than the specialized force that's clashed with Portland protesters.

And after several protests calling to defund the department as the gun violence in Chicago has prompted a federal response, those at Sunday's rally took aim at city leaders, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, for what they called a "lack of support."

Last week, after the three CPD officers were shot, Lightfoot extended that support on social media, acknowledging the "dangers they face every day they put on their uniforms," saying "this is the sacrifice they make in order to serve and protect our city and fellow residents."

Those in Mount Greenwood said they want to see more support from the mayor and the city, in hopes their loved ones get the respect they say they deserve.