Chicago weather: Record-breaking warmth possible this week

CHICAGO (WLS) -- November is off to a warm and dry start in Chicago, and we may see record-breaking temperatures later this week.

Parts of the Chicago area hit 70 degrees on Monday, about 20 degrees above average for this time of year. The last time the Chicago area saw 70-degree weather in November was seven years ago.

"It's very nice outside - near 70 degree temperature - and the water's flat. It's the perfect day for a swim," said "Diver" Dave Oliva.

While most would find the 50-degree water temperature a bit too chilly for a swim, the beautiful weather made it an ideal day to get outside.

"We rode the train in from the 'burbs, and rode a water taxi and rented some bikes. So we're tourists in our own city today. The weather's perfect," said Julia Pedersen.

"Last time when I was here, the weather was 30 degrees. So I'm going to be outside in my favorite city as much as I can," said Deb Benator.

The persistent warmth means the growing season continues for certain types of plants and vegetables.

"If people have things like spinach and carrots and lettuce - things that can already survive cooler temperatures - those things are still growing and thriving well in people's gardens. And they should be able to continue to harvest those types of vegetables until we get what's called a hard freeze," said Zack Frant, a University of Illinois horticulturist.

The above-average temperatures are forecast to stick around through Thursday.

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