Footage shows 125 mph winds batter elementary school with students inside

About 25 young students and teachers were huddled inside a North Carolina elementary school while a tornado ripped through, and footage shows the 125 mph winds battering the building.

Surveillance footage of last Wednesday's storm, as reported by WFMY, shows debris littering the air and a school bus door being forced open by the winds. The gym was totally destroyed.

Courtney Elementary School in Yadkinville, N.C., wrote on Twitter that students and staff were all right. Fifth grader Jack Ploof told WFMY that he considered himself lucky.

"We are really lucky because it could've went another direction," said Ploof. "Anything could've happened."

The school was closed for two days after the storm, and the community came together over the weekend to clean up.

The students' last day of school is Thursday.

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