Fry the Coop at Wells Street Market becomes latest Loop lunch spot to close as more people work from home

A deserted Chicago Loop forces more restaurants to close due to drop in revenue
CHICAGO (WLS) -- The massive shift to working from home means some popular Loop lunch spots are going away.

One of those places, on Wacker Drive, is saying goodbye and thank you Friday.

"It's heartbreaking, said Joe Fontana with Fry the Coop. "Now we are not able to serve any of those folks."

The popular spot saw its biggest crowd Well Street Market in months Friday, but unfortunately, it's a farewell food giveaway from one of its last vendors before the market closes.

"Before this, we would be serving about 300 people a day for lunch, you know, and that's a lot of happy smiles," Fontana said.

Fry the Coop is shifting to all take-out, as well as shifting where it's doing business, like so many restaurants leaving the Loop.

"Unfortunately we are down 80% revenue and it wasn't enough to get the other vendors to come back," Fontana said. "There's just not enough people in the Loop to make it happen."

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It's closing time for another Chicago bar, as more local establishments feel the impact of COVID-19.

Shuttered restaurants and vacant sidewalks are becoming a regular sight to those still working in downtown Chicago.

"I've always enjoyed coming into the Loop but it is kinda sad seeing businesses closing, and less and less people coming into the Loop," said Neil Martinez.

"Dead There's nothing going on," said Julia Bloom. "Doesn't feel right, it's the middle of a workweek and there's not a lot of people moving around."

"It's sad another business closing," added Monica Summerville.

Summerville works in the Loop and has seen several of her favorite lunch spots close.

"It's really hard, the country is going through something difficult. The businesses are, it's been difficult to adjust to this," she said.

"We really need help getting people back into the Loop and safe," Fontana said.

Fry the Coop also has three other locations in West Town, Oak Lawn and Elmhurst.
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