FDA issues guidance to increase access to opioid antidote naloxone

Friday, September 23, 2022
Advocates: Lives depend on getting Narcan into everyone's hands
There's a call to help curb the opioid crisis by getting a cheap and plentiful antidote for heroin-related overdoses into the hands of users and caregivers on Chicago's West Side.

The Food and Drug Administration put out guidance Thursday aimed at boosting access to the lifesaving overdose drug naloxone.

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The change is meant to help harm-reduction programs more easily access the opioid antidote by making them exempt from certain FDA rules.

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The American Medical Association said the new guidance provides more clarity for those organizations to buy naloxone for community distribution.

Naloxone is also known by the common brand name Narcan.

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The AMA lauded the work of harm reduction programs and expressed gratitude for the FDA recognizing the importance of the work.