Angry customer shoves sandwich at employee, causes ruckus inside restaurant

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Customer shoves sandwich at Whataburger employee's face
Customer shoves a sandwich at Whataburger employee's face.

HOUSTON -- A scary situation unfolded for Whataburger employees and customers after an angry customer started yelling. Police say the customer even shoved a sandwich in an employee's face.

The incident happened Saturday morning at the location on Gessner near Hammerly in Spring Branch.

Briana Selman watched the whole incident unfold and shot video of it on her cell phone.

"She started harassing the employees. She started grabbing things and going behind the counter and making her own food," Selman said.

At one point, you see the woman go back into the kitchen area. She appears to gather food and then walks out with a bag. Then, she returned moments later.

This time the video showed the woman pushing the cash register, knocking it down.

Police say the woman was upset about her order in the drive-thru. After banging on the window, she got out of car, shoved food in an employee's face and walked inside where police say the incident continued.

Selman was sitting inside waiting for her order.

"I didn't really know what was going on. I just knew that she was upset. I was just really hoping that she wasn't going to hurt anyone," said Selman.

Soon after, police arrived and took the woman into custody. She was issued a citation for a minor assault.

Selman is just glad no one was seriously hurt.

"They were trying to help but for some reason she was not happy with anything they were doing," she added.

Whataburger has not returned our request for comment.