Chicago area window company accused of ripping off customers; Buffalo Grove couple loses $30K

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Saturday, January 28, 2023
Chicago window company accused of ripping off customers
The Illinois attorney general and Cook County state's attorney are investigating a Chicago window company that is accused of ripping off its customers for thousands of dollars.

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. (WLS) -- The Illinois attorney general and Cook County state's attorney are looking into a suburban window company that is accused of ripping off its customers.

Customers say they paid thousands of dollars to Window Depot of Chicago, but they said the company has run off with their cash.

Customers said they trusted the company to honor their contracts and get the jobs done. The Kornfeinds said they paid the company $30,000 up front, and eight months later the owners are nowhere to be found.

With a new home and new baby, the Buffalo Grove couple was excited about their upcoming home project.

"We were going to change out all of the siding and the windows so it was going to be a white home with all-black," said Eunice Kornfeind. "So basically the entire exterior of the home with the exception of the roof."

After doing extensive research, the couple said they came across Window Depot of Chicago.

"We found this company that had really good reviews. So we interviewed them, came in and started the process from then," said Matt Korenfeind.

In May 2022, the Kornfeinds paid Window Depot of Chicago half of the money upfront, which came out to $30,000, but they said weeks went by and they didn't hear anything.

"I found all of these negative reviews of people saying the same thing as us: they've been ghosted by Windows Depot of Chicago," Matt said. "That's when it really sunk in."

Several people have reached out to the I-Team with similar stories. Grace Reedy said the company did finish her project, but she received a notice from a subcontractor threatening to put a $13,000 lien on her home, claiming Window Depot of Chicago didn't pay them for materials.

"What did they do with our money? We paid," she said. "The only thing we can think of is they were robbing Peter to pay Paul."

The I-Team reached out to Window Depot of Chicago, but they have not returned any calls.

The I-Team also contacted their parent company, Window Depot USA, who also have not returned our calls.

The BBB has suspended Window Depot of Chicago's accreditation after receiving more than a dozen complaints about the business.

The Illinois Attorney General's Office has received 22 complaints from consumers, and said, "We are attempting to assist aggrieved consumers who have filed complaints."

That makes the Kornfeinds hopeful that maybe their $30,000 isn't gone for good.

"It could have been helpful towards so much. With my son, vacations, or even just putting aside for our future," Eunice said.

The Illinois Attorney General's Office said they are encouraging anyone who believes they've been harmed by this company to file a complaint with their office.

Meanwhile, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office said their Consumer Fraud Unit is currently reviewing the matter to determine if legal action is appropriate.