Model airplanes soar in St. Charles

ByJesse Kirsch WLS logo
Friday, June 23, 2017
Airplanes soar over St. Charles this weekend for the 4th annual Windy City Warbirds and Classics Air Show.

ST. CHARLES, Ill. (WLS) -- Airplanes will soar over St. Charles this weekend for the fourth annual Windy City Warbirds and Classics Air Show. It's an homage to the past--to war, to exploration, and to wonder.

These replicas, modeled after planes dating back to World War I, whizzed by crowds. But their pilots never left the ground.

That's because the planes are radio controlled-- but still very close to the real thing.

Bill Suhr's plane has an actual jet engine, working flaps too.

Above the crowd, replica jets can hit 200 miles per hour.

Every aircraft on display is massive. One on hand even has a wingspan of 15 feet.

Every inch of these models are carefully manicured-- especially on Orvil Fluharty's Spirit of St. Louis. This tribute to Charles Lindbergh's famed transatlantic flight took eight years to build.

The Fox Valley Aero Club puts on the event, bringing together 80 pilots with over 400 RC airplanes-- more than enough entertainment.

The air show's organizer, John Fischer, also hopes to also inspire the next generation of flight enthusiasts.

"This can not only be fun but really is the spring board to a lot of careers," he said.

Many of these RC pilots have followed similar paths, spending time in the Air Force, as airline pilots and as airline mechanics.

So it makes sense the airstrip resembles an air craft carrier deck at times, with real air traffic controllers.

When given the all clear, kids had a chance to chase down some candy Friday--which a pilot dropped from the sky.

Safe to say this air show is turning heads. You can find out why through Saturday. For more information, visit the Fox Valley Aero Club website.