Trick or treat? Wisconsin meat market offers candy corn brats just in time for Halloween

MADISON, Wis. -- A new Halloween-themed sausage from a Wisconsin meat market is getting a lot of attention.

The "spook-toberfest brat" has three ingredients: pork, beer and candy corn.

The unique combination is described as "slightly sweet and not scary at all" and sells for $4.99 a pound at the Jenifer Street Market in Madison, Wisconsin.

"Somebody said this should be a felony offense. I don't think I've done anything wrong though," said Justin Strassman, creator of candy corn brat.
Local TV anchor Tim Elliott described himself as one of the first guinea pigs to taste what he calls the "franken-weenie."

"I mean, it was good. It was salty and sweet. The candy corn actually melt when they heat it up, so it kind of disperses the sweetness throughout," said Elliott with WMTV.

But don't expect the insults to be dispersed.

The meat manager at the Jenifer Street Market said they often experiment with their brats, and they've had duds.

"We did try one with root beer. We also tried a loaded baked potato. That did not do very well," said Jenifer Street Market butcher Will Hetzel.

The candy corn brats seem to fit right in with Fruit Loops pizza from Iowa, and even Nabisco has put candy corn in limited edition Oreos. And before you say this candy corn brat is the worst, at least taste the bratwurst.

"I ate the whole brat, the whole thing. I wanted another one," Elliot said.