Women-led public relations collective seeks to give small businesses PR help they need

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Friday, November 20, 2020
Women-led public relations collective seeks to help small businesses get PR boost they need
A women-led public relations collective wants to help small businesses get the extra PR boost they need.

From soup and pies to kids' clothes and waffles, ABC 7 Chicago has featured women-owned businesses all week long.

On Friday, four more entrepreneurs who are teaming up to help other small businesses joined ABC7.

Rachel Rischall, co-founder of PR4Good, explained their goals.

"During the past nine months, the four of us came together as a PR collective to support each other's businesses," Rischall said. "We realized how much we've helped each other as a team and want to give that opportunity to other people."

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The group understands "there's no pandemic playbook" and has prioritized collaboration over competition.

They seek to help other entrepreneurs, especially female-run and "BIPOC-owned businesses" that deserve the extra public relations boost right now.

The group works with clients to brainstorm ideas and make helpful media introductions in many industries, including food, beverage, nonprofits, beauty and wellness, retail and consumer products.

Visit joinpr4good.com for more information.