Racist Zoom-bomber threatens Evanston aldermanic candidate Carolyn Murray

Sarah Schulte Image
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Evanston activist and candidate Carolyn Murray speaks out about threats and racial slurs aimed at her during a video conference.

EVANSTON, Ill. (WLS) -- A north suburban activist and candidate is speaking out about threats and racial slurs aimed at her during a video conference.

Carolyn Murray is running in Evanston's 5th Ward.

On Sunday, she was sitting at her dining room table behind her computer on a Zoom call interviewing for the Democratic Party of Evanston's endorsement when Murray was interrupted by someone who audio bombed the call

"I wasn't aware what was going on because I was focused on answering questions that were given to me by the moderator," said Murray.

But, many others on call, including Murray's campaign manager, were aware and were shocked at what they heard.

"I and other participants overheard a man come on the phone to say something thing racial," said Linda Del Bosque, Murray's campaign manager.

The man said the N-word and called Murray by name but it didn't end there.

"They also text messaged in the chat box Trump 2024 and used the N-word several times," said Del Bosque.

"They talked about threatening to murder me and they were responsible for murdering my son back in 2012," Murray said.

Murray is a longtime Evanston gun control activist. Her passion became even greater after her son Justin was killed in Evanston in 2012.

"I felt that I was targeted intentionally because of my activism against gun violence and how I've collectively worked at getting a gun buy back successfully here in Evanston," said Murray.

Murray is running against two African Americans and one Latino candidate. The threats over the Zoom call were aimed at her specifically.

The Democratic Party of Evanston has turned the Zoom call over to Evanston police, who are investigating. So far, no arrests have been made."

Evanston's police chief came to Murray's support at a vigil on Sunday night.

Evanston is known as a longtime progressive community.

Besides an arrest, lifelong resident Murray, who refuses to be intimidated, hopes the city will do more to support and keep residents safe during these tumultuous times.