Sipping your way to a healthier spring with these fresh smoothie tips

CHICAGO (WLS) -- During spring and summer, people love making smoothies. But not all smoothies are created equal.

Nutritionist and celebrity health coach Karina Heinrich shared some tips with us.

First, she recommends skipping the protein powders because they often include belly bloating ingredients, and unnecessary fillers and sweeteners. Instead, she says to add some spinach or sesame seeds.

When it comes to putting greens in, she says add 1-2 handfuls of them.

For your base, she recommends water and ice. She says skip the fruit juice and dairy.

She says the best way to get nutrients from your fruits and vegetables is to eat them whole, which is why she recommends having smoothies as a supplement and not a main meal. It's also why she says you should put in whole pieces of fruit or frozen fruit, along with the whole pieces of celery or cucumber instead of juicing them.
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