Woman accuses airline of kicking her off flight for having big breasts

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL -- A south Florida woman says her revealing clothing and big breasts led an airline to kick her off a flight from New Orleans.

Spirit Airlines denies the woman's allegations, accusing her of being intoxicated and causing problems for flight attendants.

But now, other passengers are speaking up in her defense.

Witness Catherine Supp called it an "injustice" when the woman was asked to leave the flight.

"The way they were treating this woman," Supp said, "It was like, pick the weak one out of the crowd and pick on her."

The airline says flight attendants went to talk to the woman at her seat, and her companion said they wouldn't have any more problems.

But as the flight attendant was leaving, the airline says the woman was told "by the way, you may want to cover up."

Supp said it was way more than a mention, with the woman being told as many as three times to cover up.

"'I can't help it, these are my breasts!'" Supp said the woman exclaimed, before asking if the airline had a blanket available.

Supp said the woman was never acting drunk or misbehaving, eventually covering up with someone's white coat.

The flight attendants eventually had the woman removed from the plane.

Spirit said the woman was rebooked on another flight, and that they planned on contacting her to discuss the matter.