Protecting pets from canine flu

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The canine flu is back, and many agencies in the Chicago area are taking steps to stop the spread. In 2015, an outbreak of the canine flu killed at least 11 dogs.

While no deaths have been reported this year, the threat is very real. But there are ways you can protect your pets. Veterinarians say to be vigilant for any symptoms like coughing, loss of appetite, and high fever. Veterinarians say the best way to prevent the disease is to vaccinate your dog. If you need to board your pet, make sure the facility requires vaccinations. If your dog does get sick, it's important to confine it to your home until it no longer shows any signs of the disease.

Dr. Keith True from Kremer Veterinary Service joined ABC 7 with a few adoptable dogs looking for a new home from Help Save Pets.
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