Armed robbery in Hinsdale jewelry store caught on camera

HINSDALE, Ill. (WLS) -- Hinsdale police are searching for three suspects in a violent armed robbery caught on camera at a jewelry store.

Three masked and armed men stormed into Razny Jewelers on South Washington just after 10 a.m. Friday. They pulled guns as soon as they walked in the door. One wrestled a male employee to the ground. Another joined him. The third man runs around the counter to tackle a female employee who has her hands up.

"We heard three pops, sounded like possible gun shots, we heard a woman screaming," said a witness who only wanted to be identified as Terri.

The employees were held to the ground at gunpoint.

"We heard them saying 'Get down, get down," Terri said. She's a real estate agent whose office is upstairs from the jewelry store, and heard everything.

"They were ransacking through the things and banging stuff, and you could hear glass breaking," she said.

Police said the men stole a number of expensive items, police said, before leaving through the store's back door.

"There are several other witnesses and we do have some video surveillance in the area from other store and from police department video that we have. As of right now we believe the vehicle to be a silver to silver-bluish Lexus," said Deputy Chief Erik Bernholdt.

"We actually took photos of them, the three of them, running. They had black hats, black hoodies, black pants and black gloves," Terri said.

Police said there may be a fourth man involved who acted as a lookout. The robbers fled in a silver to silver-blue Lexus SUV. An investigation is ongoing and police are still searching for the suspects, who they believe have left the area.
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