Goat yoga is the latest fitness craze

BOULDER, Colo. -- It's what you get when you cross yoga with goats. "Goat yoga" is a thing, and it's the latest fitness craze.

Set on a sunny spring afternoon is a yoga session, designed for ultimate relaxation.

But in this class, those moments are rare, because this is goat yoga - where your cheek muscles are the ones doing the most work.

"You just can't help but smile even if a pose is hard. And you fall over and a goat falls on you. It's a good time," Tani Calderon, a yoga student, told KDVR.

"I wasn't expecting to be so balanced with goats walking around," yoga instructor Vaness Vitali said.

That's why instructor Vanessa Vitali and her yoga partners started this class in the first place.

"Yeah that's what therapy animals are for. They make you happy. They make you laugh and smile and just forget about anything you have going on in your days," Vitali said.

The goats only about 6 weeks old and they spend the class doing what baby goats do best.

"I was in downward facing dog and three of them were hanging out underneath me," said Lizzy Wolff.

"I had my hair stepped on I had one try to nibble my earring off," said Cindy Foley.

What a way to take your very first yoga lesson.

"In some ways it was distracting but it also just helped you feel good and just laugh and enjoy the class," Foley said.

And just like us humans, these little guys need to rehydrate after a tough workout, too. But what goes in, must come out.

"The goat and I bonded on my mats. He went to the bathroom," one student said.

That's a risk goat yogis are willing to take because the end of the class might be the best part of all - when even the goats hit the mat.

Not for yoga, but for a little rest and a lot of snuggles - which is exactly how the humans prefer it, too.