Group looking for models with disabilities

August 2, 2014 (WLS) -- Models of Diversity promotes hiring people of all races, ages, sizes and disabilities in the fashion industry.

The organization started six years ago in the United Kingdom, and earlier this year came across the pond to partner with Global Disability Inclusion. The goal is to get more individuals with disabilities featured in fashion segments.

"Debenhahms, which is a brand in the UK ,just featured several models amputee models in their spring books in 2013. It's really been getting a lot of support from the government and from other entities in the fashion industry," Deb Russell, managing partner of Global Disability Inclusion in Chicago, said. "We would like to see that kind of progress here in the U.S."

Global Disability Inclusion promotes inclusion in the workforce and industries.

"So working with models of diversity on the disability side here in the U.S. gives us that opportunity to try to help build a bridge between the fashion industry and models with disabilities," Russell said. "The models we've signed up so far have all said they tried very hard to get into the modeling industry through the mainstream doors who were turned away or photographers said they didn't know how to work with them."

Russell said the group is currently looking for more models with disabilities.

"They need to have beauty, .but it has to do with how you can use your body how you can listen to the instructions of photographer and how clothes fit you and your whole style and presentation," Russell said.

Those interested in modeling should contact Global Diversity Inclusion and Models of Diversity.

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