Costco offers 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese with 20-year shelf life, sells out

Saturday, January 12, 2019
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Costco selling 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese.

It's usually fried chicken that comes in a bucket, but this time it's mac and cheese.

A whole lot of it.

Costco is now selling a 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese with a 20-year shelf life.

People Magazine reports that inside the 6-gallon container are separate pouches of elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce. The combo makes a whopping 180 servings of the comfort food.

The tub sells for $89.99.

Because of the size and shelf life, Costco has listed the product under the Emergency Foods section of its website. It's currently out of stock. Last week, Costco also announced a 7-pound tub of Nutella as well.