CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Adult fight breaks out at Ind. youth baseball game

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- A youth baseball coach and a parent have been banned from an Indianapolis sports park, following a violent incident after a children's baseball game.

It didn't appear that anyone was injured, but the owner of the sports park told WISH-TV she is disturbed by what she saw.

"Everybody wants to win, but one, we're mentors for these young people and two, we need to teach them how to deal with conflict," said owner Helga Scaring.

Video that's been posted to Facebook shows a man with a bat in his hand, charging at a parent

A group of adults had to break up the two men before things escalated.

Police responded, according to a police spokesperson, in order to "keep the peace."

No injuries were reported. So far, no one is facing any charges.

The youth team says they have fired the coach.