Yoga hits new heights at 360 Chicago Observation Deck

CHICAGO (WLS) -- High in the sky, 1,030 feet up to be exact, you can get loose with a yoga class at 360 Chicago Observation Deck.

Every Saturday and Sunday, one of Chicago's most sought after tourist attractions holds a class open to yogis of all levels.

Registration starts at $18 and includes free admission to the observation deck!

Classes are taught by alternating instructors and the hour-long sessions come with a one of a kind view.

"The view is amazing, that's why I wanted to take the class and experience it," said yogi and first-time Chicago 360 attendee, Sarah Tucker.

Overlooking the northern coast of the city, participants relax, relate and release accompanied by soothing sounds.

"We get a lot of fun people in here," said 360 Chicago yoga instructor Britta Euman. "There'll be tourists, bachelorette parties and people just looking to have a good day."

Euman said she has a more open approach when it comes to teaching yoga.

"I didn't start out wanting to teach. I was taking yoga classes because I knew there was more to the [practice] than what we see in Western culture like the exercise, so I wanted to know more about it," Euman said.

She believes the classes should be more about destress and meditation rather than rigor.

"I started yoga because I wanted to move my body more but I also wanted to relax and destress," Euman said.

"My style is a mixture of Hatha (stretching) and Vinyasa (motion) but I don't do hardcore classes, anyone no matter what age, or size is able to come and participate," she added.

Euman said she encourages people to know their limits and even if you're already injured, yoga may help!

"If you can breathe, you can do yoga," Euman said.

To catch some mellow vibes and great views check out 360 Chicago's website or scan events on 360 Chicago's Facebook page.
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