Report: Chicago 3rd most dangerous city to own property in US

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new survey analyzing FBI crime data says the Windy City is the third-most dangerous city in America in which to own property. analyzed data from the most recent report from 2013 to determine the 20 cities where residents, statistically speaking, would be more at risk of becoming victims of a property crime.

Chicago ranked third with 11,815 robberies, 95,908 property crimes, 65,497 larcenies, 12,636 motor vehicle thefts and 403 arsons.

20. San Diego, California
19. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
18. Jacksonville, Florida
17. Fort Worth, Texas
16. Tucson, Arizona
15. Seattle, Washington
14. Memphis, Tennessee
13. Detroit, Michigan
12. Austin, Texas
11. Indianapolis, Indiana
10. Las Vegas, Nevada
9. San Francisco, California
8. Dallas, Texas
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6. Phoenix, Arizona
5. San Antonio, Texas
4. Los Angeles, California
3. Chicago, Illinois
2. Houston, Texas
1. New York City, New York
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