5 adults, 4 children injured in crash after high speed police chase

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A police chase ended in a crash that sent five adults and four children to the hospital with serious injuries Saturday night.

Witnesses said the pursued vehicle crashed into oncoming traffic after it ran a stop sign at South Kostner Avenue and West Fillmore Street in North Lawndale.

Chevon Dozier was at the intersection when the vehicles drove through.

"We hit the brakes immediately. He drove past us at the speed of light," Dozier said. "The cop was behind him going even faster. The guy lost control right before the viaduct. He hit a red truck. The red truck hit another car oncoming, flew up in the air, spun over. It was ridiculous."

The chase began after officers responded to reports of ten to 15 shots were fired in the 1800 block of South Springfield Avenue in North Lawndale and saw a car that matched the description of the wanted vehicle.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver fled and officer followed, officers said.

According to police, the vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and struck four other vehicles.

The squad car had its lights and siren on, but witnesses said they questioned the need for such a high rate of speed. According to employees at a nearby tire shop, the cars may have been traveling in excess of 80 miles per hour.

"I saw like two or three cars flip over, people trying to get out of the cars," said witness Marco Cuellar. "Some of them, they just fly through the window. It was very bad."

"I understand who you all are chasing, but look who ended up on the ground," Dozier said. "I saw a man crawling out of his car today."

Chicago Police Department policy states that: "A motor vehicle pursuit must conform to the following balancing test: The necessity to immediately apprehend the fleeing suspect outweighs the level of inherent danger created by a motor vehicle pursuit."

It is unclear whether this standard was met. CPD is investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.
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