Real ID requirements: As crowds surge, know what documents you need for your appointment

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Real ID will be required to fly in the United States starting on October 1, but there's already confusion for applicants about what they need to get one.

Expect long lines at Illinois Secretary of State facilities as residents get their Real IDs before the October deadline.

"I just wanted to run in and run out, but I'm stuck here," said Victoria Boateng, Real ID applicant.

"It's never a good time to do these things, especially going to the DMV is never fun, but I had to do it," said Sam Pfleg, Real ID applicant.

If you plan to get a real ID you must come prepared with the appropriate documents:

- A valid passport or birth certificate
- A Social Security Card or W-2 form

- Two documents to provide proof of residence, such as bank statements or utility bill statements

All must be hard or printed copies, not images from a cell phone. The specific requirements for Real ID are determined by the federal government, not the state of Illinois.

Real ID compliant driver's licenses will be required at TSA checkpoints for all domestic flights beginning October 1. A military ID and a valid U.S. passport is also acceptable.

"I was actually unaware you don't need one if you have a passport," said Dalma Dibuz. "I have an old passport, I'll renew the one I have."

"I don't want to carry my passport with me everywhere I go, it's also a risk if I lose it," Pfleg said.

While demand for the Real ID has been high around the country, airports worry it's not high enough and that passengers will not be ready by October 1. So far, Illinois has issued 800,000 Real IDs. The Secretary of State's Office believes the state is on pace and residents will be ready by the deadline.

"We are making every effort at trying to get people through as quickly as possible," said Dave Drucker, spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State. "We've expanded hours and hired new employees.

To help accommodate the crowds, Chicago area facilities are now open on Saturdays.

Click here for more information on Real ID in Illinois.
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