CPD raids Back of the Yards apartment where disabled woman, son with autism, granddaughter live for illegal drugs, find nothing

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago woman wants answers from Chicago police after officers with a search warrant busted into her apartment where she lives with her 30-year-old son with autism and 4-year-old granddaughter.

The raid happened Wednesday evening.

"I heard another boom, they done kicked my downstairs door in and I hear them coming up the stairs," Sharon Lyons said. "They done knocked the door in, the panel fell off the side of the wall, they got guns all in my face, all in my kid's face."

Lyons said the police did damage physically and emotionally when they busted into her Back of the Yards apartment where she lives with her son and granddaughter.

"She was crying real bad, they wouldn't let me get her out the room," she said.

Lyons showed ABC 7 the warrant left by officers, which has a judge's approval to search the apartment for heroin and drug paraphernalia. Lyons said the pink piece of paper from the officers shows nothing was taken from the apartment. She said what they left was damage to her doors and unnecessary fear for her family.

"I told them I had a disabled child up in here. They had guns on everybody, they had them all on the floor with knees in their back," Lyons said. "Guns all in your faces, who wants to go through this?"

Lyons said she is disabled herself and has lived in the apartment for 10 years without any problems. She filed a complaint with the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA. A spokesman for COPA confirmed they are investigating.

Chicago Police confirmed two search warrants were executed at Lyons' building for her floor and the first floor. CPD added that the searches were negative, and no illegal drugs were found.
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