Chicago Public Schools says it has fair grading policy for e-learning, students still feel penalized

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As Chicago Public School students ride out the rest of the school year learning at home, the school district said it has come up with a fair grading policy.

The district said no student will fail this year, and students can only raise their letter grades not lower them But, what happens to the kids who lack internet access or enough devices?

"It's a challenge because we only have one electronic equipment because it causes problem with six people trying to access their homework," said Derrick Hubbard, a CPS father.

Derrick Hubbard said he has yet to receive devices from CPS.

The South Side father said his kids spend their days competing over one computer which belongs to Hubbard.

Under the new grading system, students without digital access will get a passing grade or an "incomplete."

The Chicago Teachers Union and the new group, Chi Student Pandemic Response, called the grading system a two tiered one.

"I see CPS is trying to give us the resources, but it can't work during this time. You are going to penalize us for something that is out of all our control," said Avery Simms a CPS high school junior with Chi Student Pandemic Response.

Simms said students with digital access have the opportunity to raise their grades higher than what they received their first three quarters, while those without access cannot.

He said that many of his friends live too far from their high schools to pick up devices.

"It would be like two buses and train away. That would put them more at risk catching the virus," Simms said.

CPS said so far, the district has distributed more than 102,000 electronic devices to students. While they continue to give out more, the district will reassess the need.
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