Superfine Pizza offers 20 percent off curbside pickup with special #BeLocalish promo code

Restaurant offers 20% off with #BeLocalish promo code
LOS ANGELES -- Chef Steve Samson is the owner of Downtown LA's Superfine Pizza and renowned restaurant Rossoblu. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, both his businesses changed overnight. Rossoblu was forced to close its doors completely, but already being a primarily takeout and delivery business, Superfine was able to remain open.

"We've been able to kind of eliminate pretty much all over the counter contact," said Samson. "All the sales have to be made online, so people can just pull up and we'll deliver the pizza right into their car."

Samson has also found a creative and helpful way to utilize the currently unused Rossoblu by offering all of his working and furloughed staff free meals.

"I cook a meal with some of my guys at Rossoblu, we offer kind of an essentials package every Friday... we have our team come in and pickup these kits that we've put together for them," said Samson.

If you want to support Superfine Pizza you can order at Use the promo code BELOCALISH and get 20% off curbside pick up. This offer is valid through June 30, 2020.

Superfine Pizza

1101 San Perdo Street
City Market South
Downtown Los Angeles