Woman finds baby left outside Northwest Side hospital

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015
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The woman who found an abandoned baby in Ukrainian Village said she spotted the bundle moving around 3 a.m.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The woman who found an abandoned newborn in Chicago's Ukrainian Village said she spotted the bundle moving around 3 a.m. Tuesday

"When I saw the jacket, something was moving. 'Oh, somebody's here. Oh, my gosh. It's a baby,'" Teresa Alvarez said. Alvarez is part of the cleaning crew at Presence Saint Mary's Medical Center. She was just starting her shift when she found the baby girl on the steps of Nazareth Family Center on Chicago's Northwest Side. Nazarath is on the Presence St. Mary's medical campus.

"My husband takes the gloves, and put them in, and, 'Oh, poor baby.' I don't know who throw this baby. It's sad," Alvarez said.

The newborn was wrapped up and her umbilical cord was still attached, sources said. It's unclear how long the baby was outside. She was taken to Lurie Children's Hospital where she's said to be in good condition.

Illinois' Safe Haven Law allows parents to leave a baby - 30 days or younger- at any hospital, police station, fire station or any emergency medical services provider. No questions asked. However, the law requires parents to hand the baby to a staff member and this baby was found alone.

"She needs to hand the baby over to somebody. Then she can walk away without having to answer any questions. The baby will be placed in a loving, adoptive home. I can't imagine what she must be feeling this morning," Dawn Geras, of the non-profit group Save Abandoned Babies, said.

The Department of Child and Family Services is investigating and is now the baby's legal guardian.

Police are also involved in the investigation. No one is in custody