Adam LaRoche: 'Haven't lost an ounce of sleep' over $13M Sox contract

ABC News Exclusive
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Former White Sox slugger Adam LaRoche says he has no regrets about his decision to walk away from the team and his $13 million salary.

LaRoche and his son talked about the decision in an exclusive interview with ABC. News.

"Who doesn't need $13 million?" LaRoche said.

LaRoche says he gets it. He walked away from what he calls an absurd amount of money for just six months of work - one more season.

"I haven't lost an ounce of sleep... zero regrets," he said.

Much of his decision centered around his now-14-year-old son Drake who was with him most every day during the season. He had his own locker next to dad. But LaRoche says Sox VP Kenny Williams told him no more.

"He just said, 'Enough's enough. I don't want to see your son around here anymore,'" LaRoche said.

LaRoche says he considered retiring within minutes of that conversation. He calls Drake his best friend and constant companion, even during the interview with "Good Morning America." Drake says being in the clubhouse was a great experience.

LaRoche says his experience in the off-season in Southeast Asia working undercover for a non-profit group helping rescue underage girls being used as sex slaves made him value his own children even more. And he hopes Drake has learned perspective from this experience.

"Looking back now, obviously I had no idea it was going to reach the amount of people it did," LaRoche said.

LaRoche instantly became a symbol for some as a committed father, and for others, as a spoiled athlete.

So far this season, the Sox are in first place, and many fans don't miss him.

"I'm over it by far. So, the team is looking good this year," Sox fan Zach Stadtler said.

"I thought it was childish that he kind of walked away from a career," Sox fan Heather Back said.

His former team has moved on.

"At this point I don't think there's really any benefit to rehashing old stories. We've made a point of saying we've turned the page as an organization. The clubhouse has made it clear they turned the page both with their words as well as how they have performed on the field," White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn said.

LaRoche tells GMA, however, his son was only part of the reason he quit. Right after last season, he spent several weeks in Southeast Asia undercover for an organization called The Exodus Road, identifying underage girls being used as sex slaves. He calls it a life-changing experience that changed his priorities, but his son was always his top priority.

"I took my time trying to get a read on him and talking with Drake, making sure that he would never feel like this was on his shoulders," LaRoche said.

LaRoche spent most of the last month on a road trip in his R.V. with his family, so he said he was unaware of some of the firestorm. He also says he's not really following baseball these days.
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