Alderman Munoz silent, wife speaks again about abuse

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Alderman Ricardo Munoz was the type of politician who voiced his opinion, whether that was on-camera or behind-the-scenes. While facing a domestic abuse charge, he has gone silent. His wife has not; she is speaking out.

"I wish him well. I hope that this rehab stint will help him. I don't think it will," said Betty Torres-Munoz, who called police about the alleged abuse incident on New Year's Eve. "He has been in rehab so many times over the years and just doesn't make it. I hope he does for the sake of himself, being able to move on."

The couple's case was back in court today. A judge extended an order of protection, meaning Munoz must stay away from his wife and their Little Village home. His next court date is Feb. 27. The judge also said the alderman can continue to travel to Indiana for counseling.

The alderman's lawyer would not specify what type of counseling and replied: "It's hard. He's charged with a case. It's in the media. You folks are covering it., and he's doing the best he can," said Richard Kling, the alderman's attorney.

When briefly asked about his wife, the alderman responded by saying she was a "good woman." Torres-Munoz fired back outside the courthouse.

"I was a good woman. I put up with his b*******," said Torres-Munoz said. "I put up with his addiction, the four, five women he's been screwing around with simultaneously."

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Alderman Munoz's wife, Betty Torres-Munoz, and his attorney, Richard Kling, spoke to reporters outside court Wednesday.

When leaving court, Alderman Munoz wore headphones, shook his head side-to-side, and only uttered, "All right, see you guys," as he left the building.

Along with discussing his struggle with addiction and womanizing, Torres-Munoz also said the alderman does not have a relationship with their children.

That "is zero right now," she said. "Can he recover from this? I don't know, but that's not my problem anymore."

Torres-Munoz said her sleep has improved since she stepped forward and called police New Year's Eve. She also had this to say about the loving the alderman. She said they have been together 34 years, married 30.

"There is always going to be a part of me that is always going to love him. Can I say I love him now? Yes," she said.

"Do I love him? Have I always loved him? Absolutely," she continued. "Have I loved him through this turmoil? Through his addictions, multiple addictions, through the womanizing, the cheating. Everything, like I said, I have."
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