'All My Children' star Susan Lucci says she had 90% blockage in artery, encourages heart screenings

"All My Children" star Susan Lucci recently suffered a medical emergency to which many women can relate.

Lucci said just about a year ago, she had two episodes, in which she experienced light pressure on her chest, radiating around her rib cage to her back.

"But I'd never had any health issues, so I ignored it," she said.

But another time, she had very severe pressure she could not ignore. Lucci said it was like an elephant was sitting on her chest.

She went to the hospital, and by the time she got there she didn't have the symptoms anymore, but doctors found she had a 90% blockage in her main artery and a 75% blockage in an adjacent artery.

"By coming to the hospital, I had avoided the widowmaker. It would've been a fatal heart attack," she said.

February is American Heart Month.

CVS MinuteClinics are having free heart screenings Feb. 6, 13 and 20.
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