Tips for eating right

January 9, 2008 6:33:24 AM PST
How simple changes in your diet can lead to a better you.Focus on Food Groups: Choose whole grains, olive oil, veggies, fruits, fish, nuts, beans
* whole grains- improves fiber and nutrients like b vitamins
* olive oil/ liquid fats!- better for the heart
* veggies for few calories, provides loads of nutrients, helps you feel full, and adds color and texture to the plate
* fruits sweet treat for minimal calories compared to desserts or candy - also helps with hydration and nutrients
* dairy choose lighter versions of cheeses or smaller portions of full fat cheese, use fat free or 1% milk in recipes
* fish/nuts/beans go lean with protein - use fish and nuts for heart healthier options, try beans to add fiber and the right type of carbs

Keep a Log: track all foods and beverages for 3 days; highlight each food group
* track all foods and beverages for at least 3 days.
* assign a highlighter to every food group
* review the log, highlighting each item on the list with the appropriate color
* assess - which food groups are missing? Which ones are too much? This will help plan more balanced meals

Snacks that sabotage:
1 oz. potato chips 160 calories
Swap option: 10 chips baked potato chips, 4 cups popcorn, veggies and light dip

Snacks - read labels and know what type of eater you are to make a good swap
i. 1 oz potato chips: 160 calories, 10 g fat 1 g fiber!
ii. Swap option: 1 oz (about 10 chips) baked potato chips 120 calories, 3 g fat, and 2 g fiber
iii. swap option: popcorn! 4 cups is 120 calories, 4.5 g fat, and 4 g fiber and it's a whole grain
iv. crisp switch: veggies and light dip - veggies are a small 25 calories/svg, and read labels on dip for best bets
o To burn off 160 calories, the average 154 pound person would have to
o Hike or dance for about a half hour
o Walk fast or swim for about 20 minutes

1 cup of juice (8 oz) is ~120 calories
1 can of soda is about 150 calories
1 cup of fat free milk is 80 calories
Swap with water 0 calories!
If you eat or drink 100 extra calories a day, in a year, that adds up to 36,500 calories, equivalent to a gain of over 10 pounds!!

Portion Rules!
* Keep track of portions - be sure to include fruits and veggies to get enough of the good stuff
* A portion of veggies 25 calories
* A portion of grains 80 calories
* Fruit serving about 60 calories
* 1 tsp fat 45 calories
* Meat/protein can be 35-100 calories per oz so choose wisely.

Size-wise: compared to 20 years ago, a typical bagel went from ~140 calories to 350 calories, doubling in size. A cheeseburger used to be 333 calories, today the "typical" cheeseburger is ~590 calories. A blueberry muffin went from 210 calories to 500 calories! Get to know what a true portion is and any food can fit!