12 Jewelry Tips

12 Jewelry Tips for Devotees and the Hopeless Jewelry Wearers
January 18, 2008 10:32:24 AM PST
Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. So you're bound to have something new in your jewelry box. But how does it fit with the other things you already own? And how do you put together the all the jewelry you have? Kirsten Goede, the Chicago jewelry designer who created the Objets d'Envy collection www.odecollection.com has some practical tips on choosing, wearing, re-fashioning and loving your jewelry.

TIP 1: Cut up those layered gold chains

You can clip off some of the chains to turn it into a solitary piece. Just use a wire cutter to cut near the clasp

The hot trend is "statement" necklaces; that means one standout piece. Look for oversized drops or an expansive colorful necklace.

Objets d'Envy Parfum necklace $245

Banana Republic enamel cabachon necklace $58

Objets Boucle necklace $390

TIP 2: Less is more

National Jeweler is recommending wearing bolder, larger pieces that are color intensive. Check your jewelry collection for dramatic pieces. Wear only one or 2 at a time: an oversized cocktail ring and a dangly pair of earrings.

Objets Crystal Ball earrings $90

Kenneth Jay Lane oversized flower ring $90

Objets Rock Candy ring $120

Banana Republic enamel stone ring $38

TIP 3: Listen for a compliment

Pay attention to which piece of jewelry wins you a compliment. If your best friend or a stranger compliments you on a necklace, wear it more often. It obviously accents your beauty and enhances your look. Jewelry should catch someone's attention. Same goes for what you like...if you find yourself giving a compliment, remember the piece. You can buy something similar when shopping.

TIP 4: Buy what you love

If you're out shopping and something catches your eye instantly, pay attention to that instinct, respect it. You know you really like a piece when you feel that emotion of "I want that". If you love it, buy it. You'll love it every time you put it on.

TIP 5: Try it on!

Try on jewelry before purchasing to be sure it's comfortable. Does it have the right length? Can you work the clasp? Does it stay on? That test run is important because if a piece doesn't fit, you won't wear it and you've wasted your money.

(shown) Juliet Jewelry Diamond Heart necklace $128

TIP 6: Stack your bracelets

Women's Wear Daily declared the bracelet THE best new accessory. Any style you like: thin, thick, cuff, beaded, silver, gold, bronze. Stacking them...same style. Or stack the same color in different styles

Objets Rock Candy bracelets $180 (worn by Gayle King, Oprah's best friend)

Juliet Jewelry bangles $78

Banana Republic cuff $58

Discount store stretch bracelet

TIP 7: Give up the watch!

Your excuse is "but I wear a watch so I can't wear a bracelet!" Buy bracelets that will coordinate with your watch (same metal, same color)

You have two wrists! Don't miss out on wearing this fun piece of jewelry; it's the only piece of jewelry that the wearer gets to see and enjoy. You never get to see the necklace or earrings but you can admire your own lovely bracelet! Better yet, give up your watch...use your cell phone or ask a handsome stranger

TIP 8: Buy jewelry in neutral colors

It'll go with most of your wardrobe. Grays, camels, frosts, blacks are all good choices, because they go with everything. A good way to splurge on a more expensive piece: if you can wear it often, it's a good buy

Objets Cosmos necklace $382

Or a multi-colored piece: Something with many colors will match a lot of outfits

Objets Maison necklace $388

This piece has nearly every jewel tone in it, which means that it'll coordinate with almost any outfit. And it's a long strand which demonstrates the next tip:

TIP 9: Look for versatile pieces

A long stranded necklace with a clasp can be worn several ways: as a single, as a triple, even a bracelet

Objets Maison necklace $388

TIP 10: Repair your favorite pieces.

If it's an expensive piece, take it back to the store you purchased it from. If it's from a local designer, call them...most will do repairs for free. If it's a costume piece of jewelry, you can visit a craft store or a bead store. They might offer repairs or you can buy supplies to re-string a necklace or replace a clasp. VISUAL: repair kit and tools

TIP 11: Ask Grandma for her jewelry

Or visit an antique store or estate sale. Many retro and vintage styles are back in fashion: Look for enamel bracelets, Swarovski crystal necklaces, oversized earrings

TIP 12: Store your jewelry in an air tight container

Oxygen is what makes sterling silver tarnish. So when you're not wearing your jewelry put it in your jewelry box. You can use a grocery store zip lock bag The Container Store has small bags in that are the perfect size for jewelry.

To prevent tangling, store one necklace in one zip lock bag. Leave the clasp sticking out a bit from the zipper...chain won't tangle

For more information, contact Kirsten Goede 773-525-1047 or visit http://www.objetsdenvy.com.