Frigid temperatures challenge fire crews

January 24, 2008 1:23:16 PM PST
A house fire on the city's South Side was elevated to a second-alarm because of the freezing temperatures. The fire broke out early Thursday morning in the back of a home on 100th and Aberdeen and quickly spread throughout the building. The family that lived here made it out safely.

There was a brief scare for one firefighter when his fellow firefighters lost sight of him. They found him OK.

Emergency crews were also having trouble with some frozen fire hydrants.

An investigation is now underway into what sparked the fire.

Firefighters are blaming another South Side fire on a space heater cord that started a house fire At 5917 S. Princeton around 10 Thursday morning. The flames eventually spread to a house next door. Investigators report there were some minor problems with frozen hydrants in the area. Three people inside both of the burning buildings got out safely. Firefighters say there we no working smoke detectors in the home where the fire started.

On the city's North Side, firefighters had their hands full battling an extra alarm fire at a building at 5114 N. Western. There were no reports of any injuries