Clintons vote in New York

February 5, 2008 3:14:42 PM PST
For the first time in American history, a presidential candidate was accompanied to a primary election polling place by a former president- her husband. An election judge joked with New York Senator Hillary Clinton at her polling location.

"You're a Democrat, right?" asked the judge.

"I am true blue," said Clinton.

Super Tuesday was upstaged by a ticker tape parade for the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. Fan Carmen Munoz said she'll cast her ballot for Clinton -- but only after the parade down Broadway.

"The parade is only until 1 or 2, so people are going to vote. Vote now. I'm voting for Hillary, or course," said Carmen Munoz, Clinton voter

Meanwhile the Clinton media machine has focused on reaching as many voters as possible in the all the Super Tuesday states. The effort included an appearance on Monday night's David Letterman Show and Tuesday's Good Morning America.

"There's a lot that we're going find out about how this works today. And that's what's intriguing and somewhat mystifying. Because none of us really understands what the impact of all these contests on one day will be for any of us," said Clint.

Early Tuesday morning, New York City polling places reported unusually high voter turnout for a primary. With the Obama campaign very active in Clinton's base, some voters said they were undecided going into the polls.

"A lot of New Yorkers would be happy with Clinton or Barack Obama. It's tough to choose between the two, I think," said Lisa Trollback, voter.

Senator Clinton is expected to speak at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom Tuesday night, but it's not clear at what time.