Another round of wintry weather hits area

February 26, 2008 4:07:45 PM PST
A lot of Chicagoans are day digging out from Monday night's winter storm. It wasn't a big one by Chicago standards, but it just seems the storms just keep coming. This is now the snowiest winter in nine years and people in northwest Indiana are getting even more snow.

Just as in Chicago, it originally stopped snowing in Porter, Indiana, Tuesday morning. But, unlike Chicago, this part of northwest Indiana often gets hit with large amounts of lake-effect snow. It started coming down in Porter County about 4 p.m. Tuesday and is expected to drop between 4-12 inches of snow in parts of northwest Indiana by Wednesday night. The larger totals are anticipated as you go east into LaPorte and Berrien counties.

If it seems like the snow won't go away this year, it is because it isn't. We're just days away from March, but as far as Mother Nature is concerned, in and around Chicago, it's still January. And for most people, the winter wonderland factor ended a long time ago.

"I'm ready to move. This is getting to be very tiring. And I'm also fighting the flu at the same time," said Phil Creighton.

And even snow plow drivers who reaped the financial benefits from all that snow appear to be tired of it.

"We've been out since 1 this morning. And just keep going nonstop. It's like you live in the truck," said Nick Kiotis, snowplow operator.

But of course it's not over yet. And northwest Indiana, Porter County, braced for round two beginning Tuesday evening. Lake-effect snow is expected to dump several more inches on an already heavily snow-covered ground.

Porter town resident James Ferguson and David Shivalec helped friends and neighbors clear their driveways in anticipation of what's to come.

"His house, grandparents' house, her house next door. Just go out there and help some of the older folks that can't do it themselves," said Ferguson.

Of course, with the lake-effect snow, it's always hard to tell what the ending totals are going to be. So we'll just have to wait until this is over to know just how bad the latest storm will be here in northwest Indiana.