3 shot, including boy, in Joliet

JOLIET He's in critical condition after being airlifted to Loyola Hospital.

A single bullet blasted through a screen door, shattering the glass and piercing a boy as he sat on the couch with his mother.

"That's what touches me because that's my little son's friend. They always play and do things together. That's my problem, because he had nothing to do with that and he's a nice little kid," said neighbor Quin Taylor.

"That little boy was innocent," said Tamika Harris, cousin.

Police say it was about 5:30 when four to five possible gang members strolled through the Des Plaines housing project and approached two men.

"They were arguing," said neighbor Demetrius Green. "I thought they were going to fight. I didn't know it would lead to a shooting."

Police say a bullet struck 23-year-old Anthony Paige in the stomach. His 18-year-old brother, Antwan, was hit in the left arm and knee. The boy was shot in the chest.

"When it involves a child it's much more concerning to us. You can see by our response, we brought all of our resources out here," said Chief Fred Hayes, Joliet Police Department.

Police say the suspects ran away. Authorities used a dog to pick up their scent. Residents want them captured.

"I just hope they catch them, whoever it is," said Sherie Thomas.
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