August 3: World Class Artistry

Benin -- Kings and Rituals: Court Arts of Nigeria is a landmark exhibition that features sophisticated works of art in bronze and ivory from the Benin Kingdom of Nigeria. Included in this spectacular presentation are palace plaques, ritual sculptures, and royal regalia and jewelry from the 16th through the 20th centuries. This ambitious project will be the first to reunite many of the greatest works from the Benin Kingdom, now housed in museum collections across Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Nigeria. This summer the Art Institute is poised to become the only American venue for this exceptional, eye-opening, once-in-a-lifetime exhibition.

Chicago celebrates Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday and embraces his message of freedom and equality. Orbert Davis well-honored jazz composer and artistic director of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP) has composed a piece exclusively for this grand celebration, inspired by Nelson Mandela. The creation weaves jazz, classical and South African melodies inspired by Mandela's universal message of peace and unification.

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