Newlyweds banking on luck of eights

And with the Olympic Games opening in Beijing, it was a day to mark closer to home, with some of life's events that, well, just couldn't happen on a more auspicious day.

First comes love, then comes marriage. And for Cherie (Qian) Wang and Harry Hue, Friday's the day

"It's like in a thousand years, there is one chance to be 2008 and August 8th, and to us it's a very lucky number, it's a great day," said Qian Wang, married Friday.

The couple, originally from China, visited the Cook County clerk's marriage chapel to mark their moment of matrimony on a day of promise like no other.

"We planned to get married this year, and we thought, 'OK, since it's Olympics and it's 2008, August 8th, it definitely would be a great day. Because you know, Chinese people pay special attention to 8 and 6, and if you have several eights together, that means it's a very lucky number. So we want to get wishes to our marriage, that's why we chose this day," said Qian Wang.

As well, for the Chinese the number eight is pronounced the same as the word for wealth -- "fa." At the chapel, though, you didn't have to be Asian to seize the karma.

"I can't forget the date," said groom Daniel Borkowski.

"He can't forget the date," agreed Tausha Koch, Borkowski's wife.

And nobody is going to forget one lucky little guy -- Oliver Sala, born on this eighth day of the eight month of the eighth year. The couple met after a fortune teller predicted mother Elizabeth would meet a foreigner at a bar and marry him. Such luck reappeared just after midnight in the delivery room.

"We were all focusing on, obviously, the 08 was in the back of my mind, with the staff all being very professional, I figured it wasn't anything I should mention," said father Rodd Sala. "They were focusing on their job. But at about seven and a half minutes past midnight, the nurses and the doctor just coincidentally all looked at the clock, they looked at me, and nothing needed to be said, and all three of us at the one time just went, 'push.' And Beth did, and sure enough… that is the honest truth."

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