Sheriff criticizes officials as lax on illegal immigrants

Sheriff Mark Curran said Thursday a survey showed that 137 prisoners - more than one-fifth of the county's jail population - were foreign born. He said some have inflicted terror, including murders and sex offenses.

"One hundred twenty-two of the 137 queried names reflected illegal or questionable entry status. How many public school kids did we have to bury last year because of Mayor Daley's inability to keep a lid on crime?" Curran said.

"We have a situation. Unless they commit serious crime, is not to say, come up to somebody and say, 'What's your legal status?'" Daley said. "That is not the role of the Chicago Police Department. Immigrants do not commit the high percentage of crime. They're hard working, family oriented and very religious and a commitment to the American dream."

Mayor Daley said he's proud that Chicago is known as a city of immigrants.

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