Delivery grocer accepts telephone orders

A number of stores will only take orders online, which is a barrier for many seniors and people with disabilities. ABC7'S Karen Meyer has the story of a grocer who fills orders by phones.

A young entrepreneur from lake Zurich started a online grocery shopping business three years ago. Since it started, his phones haven't stopped ringing.

Bill Socki's Tele-Grocers has customers in the Chicago area and in key East Coast cities. He started this business after working for an internet grocery delivery service.

"I would receive calls daily from people that wanted to place an order by phone and they no longer accepted new customers to take orders by phone, so I would have to turn these people away," said Socki.

Bill understands the importance of accessibility and independence. He became disabled in 1990 from a diving accident.

"After the accident, I didn't work for a while, but as time went on I'd gotten older and I figured it's time to do something, and then I started working a few part-time jobs until this idea came to me," Socki said.

Tele-Grocers is easy to use.

"Basically, they would call us with their grocery list and we would go down the list with them," said Socki. "We used different internet grocery delivery services. Peapod is one, Safeway is another, there are more...We charge a fee depending on how much a person orders. The more they order, the more we charge, because it does take a little bit longer then."

Aletha Kowitz is a Tele-Grocers customer.

"It's a fabulous service," said Kowitz. "First off because I'm not able to get to the store, but second, because Bill is so helpful. He is always offering information that you wouldn't have if you weren't talking to him and he always does it so nicely."

So if you want groceries delivered and you do not have access to a computer, Tele-Grocers is available to help. For more information call (847) 726-1481.

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