Infant found in Franklin Park garbage pile

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. The baby, described as female Hispanic, was dressed well and placed inside a car seat carrier in a pile of garbage located in the 3000-block of Lee Street. There were no signs of injuries, according to the police, who said the baby is in good health.

The child was found by a scavenger who called police.

She is now in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services.

She was discovered by a passerby going through the garbage for salvageable items.

The police said there appear to be no signs of trauma or physical abuse of the child.

At a little after 8:30 a.m. police received a call that a two week old hispanic baby girl was found alive in a garbage pile in the 3,000 clock-- block of lee street.

Appeared to be in pretty good condition, alive, still warm, tucked away in the garbage dump with a lot of clothing on," said Chief Tom Wolfe, Franklin Police Dept.

The chief said two scrappers looking for recyclable materials found her. She was in a white hat in a cream and green-colored car seat carrier and orange one-piece, green jacket, pink pants and white booties, a blue blanket and adult blue sweatshirt.

"It's remarkable but apparently there were some scavengers looking for things they could recycle out of the garbage and that's who found the baby and gave us a call," Wolfe said. "had somebody not seen the baby, it was tucked away in the garbage, they probably would not have noticed if they came with the machine to pick up the garbage."

"It's unreal. This neighborhood has been quiet for so long. We call it the country club. Nothing's going on until now, so it's strange," said Luis Rosa, Franklin Park resident.

The police chief says he is shocked somebody would dump a child in a garbage pile.

"I just don't know why somebody would do that because the baby (h)as not been abused or anything like that, appeared to be in good health. To put a baby like that on the garbage pile and not know how or when or if anybody will find it is unbelievable," Wolfe said.

The chief said he hopes somebody will recognize the baby or the clothing that the baby was wearing and come forward.

Anyone with information as to the identity of this baby, should call the Franklin Park Police Department at 847-671-8270.

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