Religious leaders focus on baseball

And the White Sox are hoping they don't suffer a similar fate as they take on Tampa Bay in about 30 minutes.

There are some who spent part of Friday buying National League Championship Series tickets, motivated, like one Greek Orthodox priest in the Cubs dugout Wednesday, by a hope and a prayer.

At Palatine's Sikh Gurdwara, that's exactly what's on display as the paisa, or priest, asks for divine guidance in support of Chicago's major league squads.

"Give us grace to the White Sox baseball team," said Rajinder Singh Mago, baseball fan.

"We're going to pray to God. I think there's only one god. Not my god, but just god, that our Chicago teams, White Sox and Cubs, may win and be successful, and we are proud of our teams. Go, Sox! Go, Cubs!" said Mohinder Singh, Sikh priest.

And mingling the secular with appeals to the baseball gods is also going on at the Downtown Islamic Center

At the zuhr, or afternoon prayers, the imam announced that 100 Muslims were needed for a zuhr Saturday at Wrigley Field, an attempt to banish the curse of the Billy goat, or Bartman, or... whatever.

"Half of me was saying, 'Are you nuts?' And the other half of me was like, 'Well, here's an opportunity, when is this going to happen again?' And if I don't do it, I might spend the rest of my life thinking what if," said Ricardo Pena, Muslim organizer.

With the way things have been going for the Sox and Cubs all help is needed.

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